VDLV - Apple (70/30)

VDLV - Apple (70/30)

The VDLV range consists of a 70/30 PG/VG base.

Capacity: 10 ml

Drapeau français Made in France and quality checked by VDLV.



VDLV - Apple (70/30)



Natural aroma of apple.


Doseur Composition:


- Propylene glycol EP-quality (European Pharmacopeia) for a guaranteed hit.
- EP-quality (European Pharmacopeia) vegetable glycerine for a great vape.
- Natural and synthetic food flavouring, all produced in France and respecting our specifications. They contain no sugar, oil, diacetyl, gum, or GM substances, nor any allergenic aromatic substances requiring an official declaration.
- May contain USP-quality pure liquid nicotine, extracted from tobacco cloak. Its purity and concentration are regularly analysed using our internal analytical methods (high-performance liquid chromatography gas/mass spectrometry), and compared with standards provided by accredited laboratories.
- May contain alcohol (to carry our natural aromas)  and ( Ultra-pure water (Milli-Q)


Entonnoir Nicotine rates:

- No nicotine: 0mg/ml
- traces of nicotine: 0,8mg/l : only for the 1975 tobacco
- Light nicotine rate for small smokers: 6mg/ml
- Medium nicotine rate for regular smokers: 12mg/ml
- High nicotine rate for heavy smokers: 16mg/ml


Boîte Packaging:

Our e-liquids are packaged in recycled (PET1) terephthalate polyethylene plastic bottles (no bisphenol) with a capacity of 10ml, equipped with a drip, a tamper-proof ring and a child-proof stopper.

In accordance with European legislation, each bottle presents a customized label indicating the drawing and name of the flavour, the composition of the e-liquid, the nicotine content, the name and address of the company, the best before date and the batch number.

For e-liquids containing nicotine, the bottle is marked with a regulatory pictogram, safety recommendations and a "Danger" touch tab for the visually impaired.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Name VDLV - Apple (70/30)
Manufacturer Vincent Dans Les Vapes
Resistance rate No
PG/VG (%) No
Color No
Country of Manufacture
Is exclusive N/A
Is top N/A
Type de produit Liquide nicotiné
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

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