VDLV - Base PG/VG 125ml - nicotine 0mg/ml

VDLV - PG/VG Bases - nicotine 0mg/ml

Capacity: 125 ml

Drapeau français Made in France and quality checked by VDLV.



VDLV - PG/VG Bases - nicotine 0mg/ml



- For lovers of DIY (Do It Yourself), VDLV offers its PG / VG bases with or without nicotine.

- The use of PG / VG bases must be done in a strictly secure framework and knowledgeable people.
- Nicotine is toxic even in diluted skin. It must be handled with great care, always wear gloves and safety glasses when handling PG / VG bases. They should be kept locked up and kept out of reach of children.

- 4 nicotine rates available: 0 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml

- 5 PG/VG rates available: 100-0, 70-30, 50-50, 20-80, 0-100


How to choose your PG/VG rate:

- Propylene Glycol (or PG) belongs to the family of glycol ethers, it is commonly used in cosmetic, medical and food industry. PG has the particularity to vaporize from 50 ° and enable "hit" (a contraction of the pharynx during the passage of steam), wanted by the smoker.

- The Vegetable Glycerin (or VG), belongs to the family of polyols and also vaporizes at low temperatures. It produces more steam than propylene glycol, with a slightly sweet taste.
But its viscosity limits the life of atomizers and may distort the taste of flavors.

For these reasons, the vegetable glycerine rate most commonly used in e-liquid is 20%. This is the standard rate that you will find in the VDLV range of e-liquids.


Doseur Composition :

- Propylene glycol EP-quality (European Pharmacopeia) for a guaranteed hit.

- EP-quality (European Pharmacopeia) vegetable glycerine for a great vape.

- May contain USP-quality pure liquid nicotine, extracted from tobacco cloak. Its purity and concentration are regularly analysed using our internal analytical methods (high-performance liquid chromatography gas/mass spectrometry), and compared with standards provided by accredited laboratories.


Entonnoir Nicotine rates:

- No nicotine: 0mg/ml

- Light nicotine rate for small smokers: 3 mg/ml to 6mg/ml

- Medium nicotine rate for regular smokers: 12mg/ml


Boîte Packaging:

Recyclable plastic bottle, tamper-proof ring and child-resistant cap, 125 ml basic PG / VG developed in VDLV laboratory in Pessac (33).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name VDLV - Base PG/VG 125ml - nicotine 0mg/ml
Manufacturer Vincent Dans Les Vapes
Resistance rate No
Color No
Nicotine No
Country of Manufacture
Is exclusive N/A
Is top N/A
Type de produit Base PG/VG
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

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